Castair Heavy Duty Shop Air Compressor Industrial Series - Model No. I518VC1-S

Castair Heavy Duty Shop Air Compressor Industrial Series - Model No. I518VC1-S

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Our Castair Industrial Series shop air compressors.  This industrial line of air compressor is for medium to large shops requiring a technicians using a wide range of air.   All Industrial series air compressor are made of full cast iron pumps with steel connecting rods.   All the competition uses a cheap aluminum rods.   Our industrial lines of pumps use taper roller bearings.   Our valves are stainless disc and spring which gives your reed valves tremendous amount of life span about 10 x the life span of the competition.   These valves are very easy for maintenance and easy to be replaced.  Our Industrial line have bigger bore and stroke which ultimately leads to a cooler quieter running machine.  Speed kills in this industry, we are above to make more air at a slower moving rate giving the pump running cooler and quieter giving it a longer life span.

The Industrial line are ASME Certified and powder coated unlike most of the competition.  In this industry you get what you pay for.   We only use the top of line motors on our air compressors.

We are family owned and operated since 1991. As the name “CASTAIR” implies, our pumps are made of “cast iron” not aluminum. Our pumps are oil-lubricated, not oil-less and run at very slow RPMs making them quiet and extended service life.

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Cast Iron Pumps

  • All cast Iron for long life and quiet operation
  • Slow R.P.M. from 420 to 995 for quiet operation and long life
  • Tapered roller bearings at both ends of crank shaft for superior support & less friction
  • Precision steel construction rods with automotive type rod insert bearings at crankshaft & bearings at wrist pin for long service, life, & reliability
  • Disc & spring valves for easy service, higher efficiency and reliability
  • Piston have 4-rings for higher efficiency & less oil carry-over
  • Centrifugal unloader for load-less start-up every time

Tanks, Motors, Controls

  • Powder coated ASME tanks with 4 legs on verticals, channel on horizontals
  • ASME safety valves
  • Metal belt guard totally enclosed
  • Copper discharge & unloader tube
  • Heavy duty 1725 R.P.M. industrial motors, with full 15% service factor

Will ship with-in two weeks of order placement. It will not arrive with-in two weeks, it will ship. 

All orders will receive a courtesy call to confirm the conditions and application to insure the correct product has been purchased. 

* All Industrial Series (Piston Driven) Compressors Come with the Right from the Start Kit Included. 

"Castair. Compressors Built Like They Used to Be."

Please call 651-775-5596 for help or questions. 



Tank  Gal./Type 

Pump  R.P.M 

CFM @  0-PSI 

CFM@  175 PSI 


Wt. (lbs.) 

Unit Model

80 Vert. 







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